I turned 26 on Monday. Growing up, my dad was always a spoiler during what came to be known as “birthday month”. He was quick to use the “because it’s your birthday” excuse for anything… an extra brownie, to bring me lunch at school, to watch TV after bedtime. Really, anything to make that time of year special. 

So, the older I get the more I am so thankful he made those birthdays a big deal because I am finding it is harder to get away with little “specials” to make birthdays fun. Especially when you are sick, your birthday is on a Monday and things are business as usual. 

Even though the stage was set for a pretty vanilla birthday, I was reminded how unbelievably blessed I am with wonderful family and friends. I spent most of Monday on the verge of tears between sweet notes and texts from old friends here and there, a cake (!?!) from new friends at work and sweet birthday hugs and songs and wishes from the most adorable kids in the world. It was just spectacular. 

I am just honored and humbled to live this life. I cannot fathom sometimes just how greatly God has loved on me in spite of the person I was and continue to be. 

Highlights from the week: gorgeous leaves, my loving, thoughtful best friend named Husband, Día de Los Muertos lessons all week long, rainbow loom bracelets and rings galore, more Starbucks than I can remember, the book fair and dressing up as Clifford and trying to open doors in carpool. 

Overjoyed at the goodness of the past 25 years, excited for what the next year holds. 

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