When we became members of our church during our commission(ing?) the guy said something about knowing our neighbors. He said a lot of other things that blurred together but the phrase “know and love their neighbors” rang loud and clear. It hit me in that moment: We don’t know our neighbors. Not even their names. So, apple picking happened last weekend (phase one of Operation Meet the Neighbors) and I’ve been thinking lots of good thoughts about praying for our neighbors. I haven’t really actually prayed for them, until today. This morning I took a minute and jotted some prayer-like thoughts down in my little prayer journal:

Neighbors will be home. Receptive to conversation. Apples won’t go bad before we take them.

We went outside to walk the dogs at 3:30pm and not one but two different neighbors were outside at that moment and we were able to go introduce ourselves and chat for a few minutes, about apples, of course.

The best thing ever was the guy across the street from us, who is from Boston, said he just texted his daughter yesterday telling her he wanted some apples and missed the apples in Massachusetts this time of year. He was like, “no really! It’s on my phone!”

Okay, God, if you’re reading… that was an excellent touch. Well done, sir.

Operation Meet the Neighbors was a success. Now Operation Know and Love and Serve Neighbors, commence!

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