Tuesday, after a particularly delicious lunch at Chipotle (pictured above), we went on a Segway tour of downtown Raleigh for our anniversary. I bought the tour on Living Social and gave a piece of paper with the details and a picture of a Segway to Marshall on our anniversary a few weeks ago. I was really nervous at first as I am not the most coordinated of individuals, but once we got the hang of it riding was easy and so much fun. We toured the Oakwood district of downtown and saw all the gorgeous houses. We both love old houses and you don’t really get to see all the neat details driving through that area. Our tour guide was also very knowledgeable of the history of the city being a Raleigh native which made it even more fun. We saw the governor’s mansion and even saw my friend Kasey walking her dog in the Halifax mall! I got a picture of her even though she didn’t see us. It was absolutely perfect weather and we had a blast. We are definitely fans of trackout, and now, Segways. Yay for being a tourist in your own town!

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