I’m trying to be a better person and not eat out every other day. We ate out every other day, breakfast, lunch or dinner in July and August and it is pricey (and kinda gross). Today we got home from work and I realized I had not thawed anything out for dinner and Marshall gave in quickly to my subliminal restaurant demands when I told him this information. He loves me and knows I love to eat out (especially on a Friday) and that I can fall apart quickly when hungry. 

M: “So we need to eat out.”

K: “I guess.”

M: “What do we have here to eat?”

K: “All the things we have." 

M: "Ok.”

Some more playful banter went on that ended in my confession that I wanted to make pizza but it would take 1 hour for the dough to rise, so I’d really like Mellow Mushroom but on a Friday night downtown it would be at least an hour before we’d be seated, much less eating pizza. So I googled “no rise pizza crust” because I remember making it before. Thank you, internet, for all your many treasures. 

I doubled this recipe  for dough, added some sea salt, garlic powder & basil (by some, I mean a literal shaking of some over the dough) and some (again, no precise measurements) olive oil and let it sit for a few minutes. I split it into 3 little rolls (one for me, my dad and Marshall) and rolled them out flat. Added the ingredients, folded it in half, and put them on a greased baking sheet. I essentially followed the directions in the above dough recipe except I baked it at 400 degrees instead of 425 for maybe 18 minutes before I added some parmesan cheese. In mine I put some mozzarella, broccoli, fresh leaf spinach, garlic powder and some hard salami we had laying around. Dipped in bleu cheese dressing with a glass of red, this was the perfect at home Friday dinner treat. So good, in fact, I could only bring myself to eat half. A huge shoutout to Ree Drummond (Pioneer Woman) for her tutorial for mini calzones that I only skimmed long enough to see a picture of her brushing them with a beaten egg prior to baking them. That, my friends,  is responsible for the absolute gorgeous color and texture on the outside. Hooray, hooray for an experiment that turned out favorably in about 30 minutes time. 

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