We are suddenly moving into our home and I could not be happier about it. Last night I cleaned all my jewelry out of the 2/4 bathroom drawers (now we have room for washcloths and hand towels!) and set out to Ross today for 3 random sized bowls for a jewelry stand idea I had in my head. In my vision I had planned to DIY a jewelry stand I had seen at IKEA sometime ago but never bought because it was like $30. At Ross I found these 2 pretty glass bowls and funky candlestick, checked to see if the candlestick would fit in the big bowl and hold the little bowl and voila, jewelry stand. Not the 3 tier ditty I had seen in my head but I liked it. I still needed a solution for my necklaces (they stayed tangled in a bowl on the counter) and I found that board with knobs and splurged, it was $12.99. I contemplated (read: agonized) over DIYing my own, but after weighing the price versus buying the wood, painting it, going to Hobby Lobby to buy the knobs I liked, finding the right accents, etc. so, for $25 I ended up with a 2 tier jewelry holder and got a solution for my necklaces. And I like the way it looks. Bracelets in the big bowl, earrings on the outside, rings in the little bowl and other random little bowls and boxes that I’ve collected in my lifetime hold stud earrings, pins, and random jewelry box things. Overall, sad to spend money, glad to have something pretty and useful to show for it.

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