New job started two and a half weeks ago. I finally feel like I’m starting to find my feet. I am teaching 361 students, I have 15 different classes of ~25 kids that I see twice a week: once for Spanish (~55 minutes) and again for technology (~25 minutes), on a schedule that has no rhyme or reason. I have probably learned 20% of my students’ names, which in all fairness is just fine, because I think probably 20% of the students now know my name is not Mrs. Spanish Teacher. This job is so much harder during the day than high school. I am running around (literally, running around) from 9am until 3pm, not counting morning carpool which I have every other week starting at 7:35am, and afternoon carpool which I have every three weeks which goes until almost 4pm. It’s a very, very busy day with the occasional quiet planning period from 8-9am, unless it is filled with a meeting. It all evens out, because when I leave work, I am done. It is actually possible for me to get everything (and more!) done in that one hour of occasional planning, that I do not have to stay much later than 3:45/4 in the afternoons. And I am carpooling with my husband and usually see him at least once a day during the day. And I have my own AC unit in my classroom which means I control the temperature. And my curriculum is all planned out and my predecessor(s) shared all her (their) lesson plans so I have a go-to if my creativity fails me. All around, fantastic. I feel just so blessed

Now, the kids. To say they are different from high schoolers is an an obvious (and extreme under)statement. It is different. The first few days I was totally unsure if I had made the right decision, but this week has been great. I’m practicing direct instruction techniques, getting better at them, the kindergarteners are getting the hang of being in school (Lord, my first day with kindergarten was r-o-u-g-h), I’m getting used to the many hugs, requests for bandaids and the occasional “I miss my mommy” crier. It is so different, but I like it. I am tempted to say I love it. 

So, all the pictures of Marshall? He is too humble to post this anywhere on the internets, but he is a total IT badass and is presenting (he says answering questions at a Q&A session) at an educational technology conference in New York City next week with the head administrator from our school and needed a headshot for the program. Like I said, total IT badass. I apologize for the language, but I just can’t think of a better phrase to describe his badass-ness. Feel free to click the link. The website   is down as I am writing this (oh, when is it not when it comes to education and the internet?) but yep. I’m married to a rock star in educational technology and am going to brag about it on my little blog here. I am so proud of him. Brag brag brag. Okay, I’m done. And he’s cute too. And he does an excellent job of loading & unloading the dishwasher. Okay, now I’m done. 

Anywho, I am loving this new chapter in our lives. It is fun, full of busy days where we hustle (Christian hipster buzz word!) and get to play in the evenings. A good friend of ours gave us a bike yesterday so we took the dogs out for a run/ride yesterday and today… the perfect after-school summer evening activity. Yearround school isn’t that bad, afterall. If you are wanting to follow my educational endeavors, my teacher twitter is @srachaney and I am updating each week so parents can keep tabs on what we are doing in Spanish & Technology. I also actually bought web space through Webs and am planning to keep my edu site  updated throughout the year. Their free account was awesome but I wanted to use my custom URL ( so I had to buy their starter package, not a bad deal, truly! A fantastic service for anyone, educator or not, to make a professional looking site without the headache of HTML/coding. 

Here’s to loving what you do, and doing what you love. 

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