Goals Shmoals

Once upon a time I used to have goals for my life and somewhere along the way it just blurred together into survival mode. Good news, people.  I survived. This school year is just about over. Exams go until Wednesday, graduation is Thursday and then we hit the sweet release of teacher workdays. Insert deep, relieved, stressless breath here. 





The past week or so I have spent my time wrapping up the school year (minus twentysomething exams this week), spending time with my family and friends, playing games, watching TV and eating a lot of delicious (and bad for me, so bad for me) food. I received my Standard Professional 2 teaching license which is the perfect segway to what is to come: new.

Although leaving my current job is so bittersweet, I am indeed excited for the new. A new school, new challenges, new project with NCVPS, and new chance to be better. Enter goal setting. 

June 2013 Goals

  • Finish remaining revisions for NCVPS Spanish I course 
  • Complete the rest of my duties at MHS and meet with the new teacher taking my spot and get her set up and ready to go!
  • visit my sister for a few days 
  • After a few weeks of eating recklessly and carelessly, jump back on the paleo/whole30 wagon for the next 2 weeks
  • Travel to Costa Rica and return with all 5 students (and maybe have some fun while there) 
  • enjoy my “summer” while it lasts! 
  • keep up with my Project Life inspired digital scrapbooking 

Here’s to new! Happy summertime! 

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