Life After Whole24

Truthfully? I wish I had done the whole 30 days. I should have read the rest of the book about how to reintroduce foods. 

I jumped right back into my old ways of eating. A little at first, but last week was terrible and this morning I had Chicken Minis. Chicken. Minis. 

The rest of my day was pretty good (minus the Venti Soy Chai I am sipping on now) (oh, and the steak, swiss & mushroom wraps I had from Zöes), so yeah. I’m so far off the wagon, I can’t even even see the wagon. Wagon, why did you leave me? 

The good news, my body apparently hasn’t realized it yet and it has not undone all the progress I made in those 24 days. I am still significantly lighter and my clothes are still fitting… for now at least. 

Here’s my issue: whole 30/paleo eating is so inconvenient. My life is busy. I mean, really busy. I work sun up to sun down, I have friends that don’t have high maintenance diets and I want to have meals with them and my life is busy. As I type this I’m trying to figure out a happy medium, but truthfully things are so busy right now and I had a traumatic egg experience (I should say rotten egg experience) that has drastically changed my morning time appetite and well, I am busy. Like, sometimes I need to be able to go through a drive thru and eat something that is not going to send me spiraling into a sugary coma or make my tummyache. I kind of miss my blissful food ignorance of before.  

Oh, and since my completion of day 24 and subsequent off-wagon-falling, I have developed a new and extremely itchy rash on my back and sides. It is truly lovely and itchy. Which makes me wish I read the part of the book about reintroducing foods because I have no idea if it is dairy, grains or sugar causing this because I am pretty much eating all of those things at least once a day if not more. 

So, I posted a picture of my spice drawer. That is one way my whole 24 really changed me. I use my spices now. It was so annoying taking all of them out to find the one I was looking for. I also used to buy duplicates of things because I didn’t know that I had it already because it was hiding in the back of the cabinet. So, I moved them and moved the dishtowels across the kitchen to a different drawer. And I will use my spices. 

Also, I’ve been eating veggies like a champ (in addition to all the aforementioned junk) which is a pretty drastic change from before. I might have a serving or so a day, or at least with dinner, but breakfast lunch & dinner I am eating greenness and I like it. My meals do not feel complete without a vegetable. I like this change.

So, has anyone had a similar experience? Or is anyone living a mostly or totally paleo life? What is the happy medium between living in America and eating well and taking care of your body? 

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