Whole30ish Tomato Sauce
1 lb ground turkey
3 little cans of tomato sauce
2 garlic cloves
Some basil
Mushrooms, peppers, to taste!

Cook turkey in saucepan with olive oil + add garlic cloves. Once turkey is browned and in small pieces, drain then add tomato sauce. Add basil and extras and let it cook on the stove over medium heat for ~7 minutes. Serve over noodles and enjoy!

The ish part? “Processed” tomato sauce could contain sugar, but if you look at the ingredients of what’s in the can it doesn’t look like it from what I can tell. Also, in ISWF they talk about how tomato sauce is minimally processed so it doesn’t matter that much. I had mine with zoodles and added a smidge of parmesan cheese since I’m not whole30ing anymore and it was perfection. Here’s my zoodle “recipe”:

4 small zucchinis
Julienne peeler

Wash & dry zucchinis. It’s easy to peel them if you cut a side off to make a flat edge so they don’t roll around the cutting board. Peel those guys and put your zoodles in a microwaveable covered dish. Once all your zucchinis are zoodles, put 1 tbsp of water in with them and microwave them for 1 minute at a time until they are at a desired softness. The riper the zucchini the softer the noodles are to begin with.


If you are preparing regular spaghetti noodles for someone else, while you are draining those in the sink, put your zoodles in the hot pot the noodles were just in and let them heat up & cool with the pot. This probably wouldn’t be wise if zoodles are for gluten allergic folks, but for me it was the perfect way to warm the zoodles a bit.

If I ever go back to eating pasta I will definitely make zoodles a part of the equation, best way to get/sneak a veggie serving in!

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