Parisian Tweets

I went to Paris in November and didn’t have cell phone service. So I had a note on my phone and kept track of things I wanted to tweet. What a weirdo. Just found it, wanted to delete the note but needed to blog it first. 

Just got mistaken for a Parisian on the Subway and was asked for directions. I feel so cute and trendy! Friday 8pm

Internet is down in the hotel + walking all over Paris in the rain + getting lost in Napoleon’s Appartmentes in the Louvre = REM Friday 9pm

Two seriously obnoxious ladies here. Both are from Toronto. Trying not to draw conclusions about Canada. Friday noon

Walked through the Latin quarter and saw a fondue & raclette restaurant. WANT. Friday 7:30

Parisian in sombrero outside the Mexican restaurant near Notre Dame. Adorbs. Friday 7:30

Pain au chocolat is a breakfast staple. Guess where I am taking students next time…. Hint: PARIS.

Saturday 7:30am

Same Americans complaining about Rich Romney at dinner are now expressing their desire to be trust fund kids. Hate the rich or love the rich, pick one, friends. Friday evening 

The Louvre was cool. Also huge. Saw Mona Lisa. She smiled at me. Friday 3pm

This is the best teacher workshop I have ever been to. Conversations about Common Core are definitely best over wine in a restaurant in Paris. 

Friday 6pm

Loving that teachers from all over the country are dealing with same teacher effectiveness models as NC. So cool to have so much in common. Friday 6pm

Starbucks in Paris was delicious. Best latte of my life. Also, adorable French barista. Friday 1pm

Loving the Explorica vs EF rivalry. Spurring lots of discussion on capitalism. Benefiting GLOBAL economy!  Saturday 10am

Some of the most annoying people in the world are language teachers. #fact Saturday 11am

Was on the fence about ever taking students abroad again, totally encouraged by all these veterans from different companies. Saturday 11:02

My BFF from this trip just planned a circus carnival themed dance which is coincidentally our prospective prom theme. #matchmadeinteacherheaven

Bald guy from Tennessee has an accent that sounds like home. Love it so much. Saturday 10am

Billboard in Paris: Happy is the new chic. Saturday 12:16

Here’s what I’m thinking: spring break 2014: Spain and Paris 2015. That will give me time to take French 101 at the community college. @sspillman, y’all in for Paris? 

Tennessee guy is from Murphysboro where Summit planted city church. How flipping cool. World is small when you know Jesus.

Officially know how my students feel. Me in France is a lot of listening for cognates. Holy wow.

Versailles tour guide is a HOOT.

In response to a camera flash question: Yes there is no flashing allowed…no mooning either. – guide Saturday 3:00

I do not know if it is like this in your countries, but in France when it rains, everyone is handicapped. Like when it snows, it’s over. -Nadia Saturday 4:30pm

Annoying lady has been nicknamed Canada. She talks so loud, doesn’t listen and asks so many questions. SO LOUDLY. Saturday 4:50pm

Versailles was cool. Having little knowledge of world history is embarrassing but our tour guide was so great. Saturday 6pm

For the first time in my life I am in Paris with money to spend and everything is closed because it is Sunday. #americanproblems Sunday 1pm

Took metro line 5 instead of our normal 1 & 2 and it is SKETCHY. Explorica was definitely making sure we took the nice lines. Sunday 3:30pm

Pretending to be española when street vendors approach is so fun. Even when they talk back in Spanish. Sunday 4:00

The whole world is trilingual except for America. Officially working on French. I guess I could visit Canada to practice? Sunday 8pm

Fell asleep at 1am, woke up at 5am which is 11pm at home to leave the airport at 11am to get to NYC 1pm, which is 7pm in Paris. #timezones #jetlag Monday 6:30am

Spotted: group of Buddhist(?) monks in Paris airport. They seem to be waiting for a flight to Miami. Monday 9am

Had 75€ birthday money to spend, blew 20 on chocolate then found my DREAM satchel at a boutique near Marmont for 60€. Why did I buy chocolate? #americanproblems Sunday 8pm

By the end of the trip I was calling all my friends by their state names. Kentucky 1&2, Tennessee, Wyoming, Georgia and LA. I guess LA isn’t a state. 

Lots of hella uncomfortable political conversations. Our group overwhelmingly voted Obama and after many discussions it is clear that the Republican Party needs a new marketing strategy. Or libertarians need to get serious about small government. 

Plane leaves at 11 and it is almost 10! Excited to be on the way home. Ready to hug my hubs and see my puppies. Monday 9:50am

Man in airport asked me in French if I spoke English or French. I replied “English”, in French. #languageinception Monday 7am

Met so many people yesterday that spoke castellano! So fun to speak Spanish abroad again, made me so nostalgic for college adventures. Monday 9am


Geeking out, I am totally novice low in person-to-person communication in French. #ACTFL #teachertweet Monday 10:00

I made it on some security list. Got called and interrogated about my bags. Sidenote: love the way they say Kellie Chaney. Kelleee Shayneee Monday 10:15

I’m totally getting bangs before the year is over. Had the same hair since 2002, it’s time for a change.

Monday 10:41

On the plane, set my phone back to EST. It is now 4:45 am. Monday 

It is 6:06 and we are not showing any signs of taking off. If we don’t leave immediately I will most definitely miss my flight to NC. Grrr. Monday 

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