Normal breakfast, skipped lunch accidentally and then ate grilled nuggets and a side salad from Chick FilA in a moment of migraine & sheer desperation. Don’t know/think if that is whole30 compliant but I was desperate. Ended up going out to dinner with pals after an event at Meredith and got veggie kabobs, roasted veggies & fruit. Cherry tomatoes tasted like cherries and the carrots tasted like sweet potatoes.

I keep losing track of the days, I think this is 17 maybe? 16? It’s getting easier and I’m feeling good. I will say this whole deal has been expensive! Went through our normal grocery budget in like 2 weeks. In the process of really itemizing and making decisions. I like eating fresh but I’m wondering if the farmers market may be the way to go in the future? Energy is good. I wouldn’t call it “tiger blood” but I definitely feel good. Still sleepy in the mornings but my energy level is holding through the afternoons but after dinner I am sleepy.

Excited to see what is to come!

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