I’m obsessed with these zoodles.

Most of the good things I’ve eaten during the past 16 days have been inspired by Nom Nom Paleo. This lady is a genius and takes pretty good pictures. Google her blog.

My julienne peeler (which I had to order offline, Target doesn’t carry in store!) arrived today and so I peeled 4 little zucchinis I got in anticipation for its arrival. Nuked them for 2 minutes then nuked leftover sauce from yesterday (trader joes base, I added lots of veggies) and two turkey meatballs (1 lb of ground turkey, an egg garlic, basil, baked at 350 in the shape of meatballs for 30 minutes) and we have the equivalent to spaghetti and meatballs. I liked it and went back for seconds of noodles. So good. This will be a post whole 30 meal. Now I just need to trick Marshall into liking zucchini…

Breakfast was eggs & fruit (eaten hastily) and lunch was leftover eggplant and veggies which I didn’t eat because I wasn’t hungry/feeling bummed and wanted chocolate instead. So, naturally I threw a tantrum at myself and refused to eat my veggies since I couldn’t have what I “wanted”. Yep. Classy, this one.

So I think really I had a pear, banana, two meatballs and some nuts for lunch today.

Energy is good during the day, but as soon as the sun goes down I am ready for bed. Haven’t woken up magically like the book described (except for at 4) but we are only 16 days in. The end is in sight, I am feeling good, and am excited for what tomorrow brings.

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