Ten days in.

Today I am constantly on the fence of “only ten days?” and “ten days already!”. This has been quite a roller coaster that really is minute to minute.

It isn’t really fun anymore. It was the first week, experimenting with meals and feeling good about my life choices… but the past few days I have been just hungry and stressed out with work and wanted a piece of cheese, ya know? Or an oreo. Or some peanut butter m&ms.

My heart (okay, probably my stomach) is telling me “Kellie, don’t deprive yourself, you are an adult just eat what you want!” and my head is reasoning with me in that food clearly has too much control over my emotions/thoughts and this is good for me in the long run.

Also, my eyelid eczema has returned, although more mild than normal. Boo. Which I think is also partly responsible for my lack of fervor for this whole challenge.

Tonight, however, we found sugarless bacon at Target (don’t know why I didn’t look there before!) and I think I might be so sleepy because of not quite enough veggies so I am gonna pound those tomorrow. Got some squash tonight so I am ready. Hoping tomorrow’s outlook is better.

Today’s meal lineup:
Breakfast: 3 eggs & hot tea (adding veggies tomorrow!)
Lunch: leftover sweet potato sausage hash, pineapple, strawberries, & blueberries
Dinner: almond crusted salmon, green veggies, strawberries and bananas

I made some mayonnaise (from mustard, at that!) and am going to use it for a tuna salad tomorrow. Yummmyum.

Looking forward to hitting the halfway mark soon! Cravings are out of control. No food dreams last night (wasn’t asleep long enough for dreams period… Silly doggies).

Good night!

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