Today has been good. Day seven.

Breakfast was leftover SDSASPH (see previous post) and it was GOOD. For lunch I had planned to make an avocado chicken salad but we got an invite to Bojangles’ for lunch after church so we went there instead. I didn’t take a picture of my pitiful, pitiful salad but it was satisfying. Food is food, right? (WRONG. It was a challenge to see all those people drinking tea and eating biscuits…anyone want to join me in 23 days?) I legitimately put salt and pepper on my salad to give it flavor. I did enjoy the cherry tomatoes & cucumbers which I didn’t really like before. It’s interesting how much my tastes have changed in just a week.

For dinner I put a beef stew in the crock pot and loved it. Once it was ready I had a twinge of dissatisfaction when I realized no bread or crackers accompanied it, but I added some cashews to the top and it was delish. The stew was one tomato, one onion, half a green pepper, four mushrooms, some baby carrots and three garlic cloves + beef + olive oil and salt and pepper. Next time I will double the tomatoes & peppers & carrots. It was seriously meat heavy and I went back for seconds for more veggies. So delicious though. I also really enjoyed the company, we ate with two other couples from our small group and I just love them. So blessed to have them as friends! They totally didn’t judge me for eating a salad and drinking water at Bojangles. I did feel I needed to explain though… because that is strange behavior! 

My energy level and productivity has been good today. That may be more in part to my discovery of CAFFEINATED Twining’s (I thought it only came in decaf!) and coconut cream and put the two together and had two cups of tea today. I am tempted to go sans caffeine this week but I feel like that would make me quite a glutton for punishment. I’m okay with being energetic/productive.

Overall this is good. The next week is supposed to be rough in terms of cravings so hopefully energy improvement will balance that out. I also signed up for a real 5K in June so looks like I will try to run at least once this week. Excited to see if all these veggies have helped my asthma any!

I am grateful today for my supportive husband, the availability of real food at Aldi (for not very much money!), and the internet for being a constant source of inspiration for meal planning. 

..and to all a good night! 

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