Super Delicious Sausage Apple Sweet Potato Hash

2 sweet potatoes diced
2 tsp of minced garlic
2 baby bella mushrooms chopped
1 red apple diced
½ big green pepper
Some sprinkles of basil
4 links Italian sausage without casing diced and cooked
Olive oil

Prepare yourself for super easy instructions:

Cook potatoes a few minutes in pan (medium heat)
Add sausage & apple
Add pepper & garlic

Cook until sweet potatoes and apples are soft and sprinkle basil leaves then, serve hot with a fried egg on top!

This dish is also good reheated, had it for breakfast this morning!

It is not currently in the meal queue for next week but it was so good (and easy!) it might be added. I have some little sweet red, orange and yellow peppers that might be yummy to add too!

Also, to make the sweet potatoes easier to dice (those suckers are tough!) I baked mine for like 15 minutes at 400° before and they chopped super easily. With already cooked sausage and almost cooked potatoes this meal is easy to prepare on the fly.

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