Day 6 was very sleepy and delicious.

Breakfast was banana pancakes with blueberries (which tasted like candy!). We went to the grocery store and stocked up for next week and went to the farmers market looking for sugarless bacon. Bacon was no success but we got a lot of yummy food and ideas for meals at the store. We were ravenous when we got home so we had steak & eggs for lunch (not pictured) but neither of us could finish our veggies. We just finished a late dinner of an AMAZING sweet potato hash. Sweet potato, Italian (chicken) sausage, apple, green pepper, mushroom, garlic & basil. Oh my word. A big hit. Perfection with a fried egg on top. Also, hubs took ne to get a new blue Camelbak since I melted my mouthpiece in the dishwasher. Happy to be hydrated once again.

I am exhausted, which the book tells me is my body learning to get energy from protein instead of sugar which I guess means this whole thing is working! Hoping the sleepies don’t last too long because I have a lot of work to get done tomorrow. Hoping that if I go to bed early tonight that will set me up for a productive non-sleepy day tomorrow. I’m also not as grumpy as yesterday or the day before. That subsided around 4.

Eczema is still gone from my eyes which is thrilling and my right hand is definitely looking better (where it has been since 2008!). I did not expect to see results so soon, that is for sure. Quite encouraging. Now? I shall retire because this girl is so tired.

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