The fifth day is done. Overslept, fried 3 eggs and ate them in the car while I was driving (not safe!). Had coffee (still black, getting grosser?),“ and green leftovers of chicken nuggets and peas and green beans for lunch. Lime in the water is good.

Dinner was tilapia baked in coconut oil & seasoned with salt and pepper, sweet potatoes cooked on the stove and leftover beans. I had some little oranges too. I think I had a banana this afternoon while I was working.

Biggest takeaways? I am grumpy. 3 eggs are the magic number for breakfast. Eczema is clearing up on my hands now. Wondering if dairy was the culprit. Which bodes the question: is bread worth having without cheese?

According to the book I will be tired for the next two days and then I will become energetic and have dreams about Twinkies for like 10 days and then I’ll be solid. Contemplating calling the thing short if eyelids stay clear… But maybe that’s something I would say…

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