Day three. Visions of Bojangles biscuits, cheesecakes, and Rice Krispie treats have danced in my head all day long. There’s a good thing this isn’t whole2 because I would seriously be overindulging in the aforementioned things. Maybe by the end I won’t want to stuff my face?

Breakfast: 1 egg, strawberries, hot Twinings tea (should have had 3 eggs! I was starving by 10!)

Lunch: leftovers from last nights stir fry (veggies were kind of icky and mushy) and a kiwi – the absolute most delicious fruit in the world!

Snack: went to trader joes looking for canned coconut milk and left with sugarless pepperoni…and ate a good half of the container by the time I got home. Not proud of that.

Dinner: steak with a fried egg on top (a husband favorite, I do believe), sweet potato fries (in coconut oil, cinnamon & sea salt) and garlicky green beans with almonds.

Last night my sweet tooth was killing me so I snacked on some cashews, almonds and macadamia nuts and had some cinnamon tea which, strangely, hit the spot.

What I am learning? For breakfast, go big or go home! If I skimp on breakfast it’s over the rest of the day.

I am overall really tired and sluggish and sweet food cravey. This is “normal” from what I gather, and hopefully it will subside soon.

Meals are all planned until Saturday and then I shall head back to the grocery store for round two!

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