First day of #whole30. I did not take a picture of lunch because it was gross and I don’t ever want to remember it.

Breakfast: paleo pancakes
Two eggs & two bananas puréed in the magic bullet and cooked like pancakes with blueberries added. The trick to these is they take a long time to cook and to make them teeny tiny. I did not eat vegetables with breakfast because that weirds me out, I am working towards it though.

Lunch: eggs, spinach and mushroom. I was also battling a migraine which may attest to the nauseating nature, but I don’t think things like that are meant to be eaten reheated.

Dinner: grilled chicken, asparagus, broccoli and oranges.

Minus the migraine (which I think was a combo of Monday + bad timing + a little caffeine withdrawal) today was not bad. I spent most of my migraine battling not drinking a Dr. Pepper, but once excedrin and a nap were in my system I am feeling good again. I am going to target now to get coffee to see if I can learn to drink it black. We will see, we will see. I am missing my almond milk chai, that is for sure.

I just keep reminding myself that I do not want diabetes, I do not want eczema, I do not want asthma, I do not want fibromyalgia, I do not want to be grumpy. So I will fight my genetics with vegetables for at least 30 days so I can learn about my body. And how I can enjoy delicious food (re: banana pudding) without letting it take over. Yup yup.

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