The One with the Spring Break

I have been extremely busy living life. Mostly, this has consisted of doing a lot of work, making a lot of crazy decisions about work, and praying that the decisions I make about work are the right ones. There have been a lot of prayers for restful sleep and creative days, too.

This year has been a wild one.

Now it is spring break and it has really hit me that it is April and summer is ever so imminent (commence praise chorus).

There are big changes coming to the home of Marshall and Kellie and Luna and Lobo, not all of which I am ready to share at the moment (nope, no babies, promise) but for starters the mister is turning the big 2-5 on Saturday which is pretty huge. I do love the few months where we are the same age.

Monday I am starting what I am fairly certain will be a successful Whole30 and I am excited and nervous. Excited for how awesome I am going to feel towards the end, and nervous for the suckiness that will surely start off the challenge.

I am getting seriously serious about reading the Bible. I have come to this point where I just want to know more about God. I have been praying for so long just to feel closer to Him and learn more and experience more and for just more. The other day I had this “ah ha” moment where it was just like, “Maybe you should read some of the book He wrote”. Duh. I had been reading a little bit everyday, but my soul is thirsty. Our church just started a reading program through the New Testament through the summer and we are starting with James. It’s been good for me. I missed today’s reading but they give two days in between books to reflect/catch up so I’ll pick up with James 3 tomorrow and 4 Friday, 5 Saturday. I’m excited to learn.

Oh, I have big and better plans for this blog coming soon. I want to move back to blogger (sorry Tumblr, you were good to me) and keep much better track of our life together because guys it is flying by. It is already APRIL. April. This is our second married April, which means that we have been in our current home a year. We will celebrate our second wedding anniversary in September and start year 3 together and then before we know it it will be 25 years and I’ll be all, “man that went by fast”.

I want to paint my office and learn how to sew and paint the hallway and finish our bedroom. I want to get back into running and sit outside in the sun and read. I want to sleep until 7 and spend my mornings leisurely drinking coffee while I read and journal my thoughts. I want to see my husband in the evenings and walk the dogs together and eat dinner together. I want to not have papers to grade.

It would seem that I  am ready for summer. This spring break has been a tease. It has been just long enough to get me staying up late (It’s 3am currently) and sleeping late and to get me dreaming about summery things. It, however, has been so short that I have a to-do list a mile long of things to do before 4pm tomorrow which include finishing up some virtual school things, putting laundry away, grading quizzes, vacuuming my car, grocery shopping and making my husband a birthday banana pudding. Things that shouldn’t take very long, but I have quite the attention deficit these days so I am certain it will take me at least until 3:30. I also need to vacuum upstairs.


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