The One with 2012: A Review

Some of our favorite moments from 2012. Looking forward to a just-as-fun 2013!


Decide to start looking for a house to buy. Draw a circle on the map between our jobs and start looking.

Kellie decides to take a group of students abroad summer 2013. Starts planning like a crazyperson. 


Get serious about house hunting. Put an offer on one in our current neighborhood, while waiting to hear back we see another that is fresh on the market, put an offer on it and find out the next day we get it. 60 day closing and things move quickly.  

At 4am on February 16th Kellie gets a phone call that little Oliver was on the way! She writes up the fastest sub plan ever, drives to school at 5am to drop it off, finds the school to be locked and her ID not working to open the door, finally gets in at 6:30 and drives as fast as possible to Charlotte to meet lil’ guy. Greatest day ever.


Get ready to move and get money together for our down payment on our house. 


Signed the papers and joined the ranks of those with a mortgage! Began sending things to Goodwill and moving in to our new digs. Marshall celebrates his 24th birthday. 


Started talking about adopting a dog or getting a puppy to play with Luna. Decide to adopt since moving the the new house Luna stops using the bathroom outside. Take Luna to the Southern Siberian Rescue to find a friend and decide on a sweet boy named Zack. We keep Zack for a sleepover (and find a crate for a STEAL on craigslist!) and decide he shall be ours. He goes to prison (New Leash on Life) for 8 weeks while we wait for a fence. 


Summer begins with lots of time outside, trips to Lake Wheeler with Luna, and Kellie runs her first mile ever.


We still don’t have a fence but Lobo (renamed from Zack) comes home! He and Luna live happily ever after and play all day and sleep all night. This unfortunately, does not last long. They still play all day, but do not sleep all night.  


School starts again. Year three of teaching for Kellie begins. She also starts coaching cheerleading and learns to drive the big bus to away games. Marshall is still working at Apple, saving the world one broken iPhone screen at a time. 


Celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary with dinner at The Pit and purchasing our own set of UNO cards. We also paint our front door teal. 


Spend a weekend in the mountains relaxing sans cell phone signal. A few weeks later head back to Damascus for Virginia Creeper round 2. 


Kellie turns 25 and then goes to Paris for the weekend in celebration (and also for free).  

We join a small group through the Summit Church and meet an excellent group of super cool genuine people that we have ridiculous things in common with like, living in the same neighborhood for a year, being teachers, inability to find transition strips that match DIY flooring, etc. 

Kellie & Marshall run most-of the Color Run 5K in Charlotte. Kellie discovers that hills suck and running in the winter is hard. 

The first-ever Deatonsgiving happens in Garner. Kellie cooks all but turkey. 

Impulse Black Friday buy of washer and dryer. And then a refrigerator. Marshall builds epic laundry room set up.


Make the last payment on Marshall’s car (The Element of Surprise) as part of our debt snowball. All that remain are our student loans the first of which should be gone March-ish.

Marshall completes replacing floors downstairs and Kellie falls even more in love with him.

Marshall gets a new job at a private school in Wake Forest managing all their Apple devices. Works out a 2+ week vacation over the holidays. It rocks.  

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