The One Welcoming 2013


Source: via Taylor on Pinterest

Hello 2013! I am starting my new year a little late… suddenly it was the 1st, then it was the 2nd and I spent most of those days (and the 3rd, 4th & 5th) working, working and working some more with barely a spare moment to catch my breath, much less my thoughts to plan a coherent blog post. The good news? I have caught my breath and am ready to embrace the newness of the year– albeit 8 days late. Here are the official goals of 2013: 

  • Be able to run two miles without stopping.  Last year I came really close to this, although my goal was a 5k. This year I am aiming for 2 miles, although I will be pleased as pie to achieve more! With warmer weather on the horizon I see this happening.
  • Read, read, read, read. 
  • Focus on what is most important to me. A post on that soon. 
  • Go to Costa Rica! Coming up fast in June! 
  • Stay in good health. This has been a rough year on the asthma, allergy, and eczema front. I am in the process of scheduling all kinds of allergy tests and am experimenting with my diet to see if there is an underlying cause and my hope is to make some headway this year. I am currently on my second month of a gluten free diet (except for two honest restaurant mistakes and a weak moment at Chick Fil A back in December) and have not really noticed a change yet, but we will see. This summer’s fast food fast really warmed up my self-control for this challenge. I fear that dairy free will be the next step, so I forsee lots of challenges.

Cheers to a new one! 

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