My Christmas Eve-Eve. A little work-heavy but grateful for work I enjoy.

I’m working a really fun parttime gig developing an online Spanish I course. So, I used to think I knew things about technology but this job has been seriously challenging thus far. It has been a long time since I’ve been a “learner” it seems like, and boy are the learning parts of my brain a little rusty! After spending the last few weeks just playing around with the Spanish II course that is already developed and starting something, realizing I did it wrong, starting something else, realizing I did that wrong, and asking what seems like A LOT of dumb questions, I finally feel like I am on the right track. I have a meeting after Christmas with my boss (and also former colleague and friend!) and I am hoping to get a little bit better grasp on what I am doing so I can be most efficient. 

I am such a trial-and-error learner, I really learn best (sometimes I feel at all) by doing something, correcting mistakes and re-doing it, but with a schedule like mine, there isn’t much time for doing and re-doing. I’d like to do it right the first time, ideally. Which leads to lots of dumb questions. Reading & re-reading. Planning & re-planning. Things I typically do not like to do, but I’m learning to enjoy. Right now I have a few of my designated activities drafted out and (fingers seriously crossed) that I’m on the way to getting things done.

What I’ve experienced so far has really made me re-think everything  I do in the classroom. At this point I want to throw everything out and start over! In the next few years I’m hoping to make a change somehow, so if I stay in high school I am definitely going to tweak some things. All of this technology stuff also makes me wish I had more regular access to internet in school. If my kids had iPads or laptops they could use in class they could do so much more with the language. I used to think language learning would be hard online, but after working through a course already created and creating another, it is honestly probably a better way to learn, especially early on because there is so much direct input in terms of listening and reading. And it is all so individualized! I’m so into this right now. Such a nerd. Anywho, on this Christmas Eve-Eve, I am so grateful for such a neat opportunity and a chance to learn something. 

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