The One with December Goals

It is so hard to believe that December is already here. Seems like yesterday we were getting back from the Bahamas last December. Here are November’s goals, revisted: 

  • Turn 25! I did this! It’s weird being 25, which rounds up to 30, which rounds to 50 which rounds to 100, but I am enjoying it. It seems like such a legitimate age now. Grateful for another year! 
  • Go to Paris! I did this! It was awesome. It was way stressful travelling internationally in the middle of the busiest time of the year, but it was way worth it. I feel so fortunate for such a neat experience and for (basically) free! 
  • Run (some of) a 5k! I definitely ran part of it. Probably about half. I did good until there were some steep hills and my asthma got the best of me. Turns out, my inhaler expired in March (oopsies) and so I plan to call the doctor soon to get a new one and I signed up for the Color Run in March in Winston Salem which should be fun. I’m going to actually prepare ahead of time and attempt (for real this time) to run the whole thing. 
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving was great. We celebrated the day of with M’s family in Hillsborough and then the day after was spent at our house and I actually cooked! My dad handled the turkey so it was a good ‘practice’ run for next year when I’ll actually do the whole thing.
  • paint the Lady Cave This did not even remotely happen. We decided at the last minute to buy a new washer and dryer (and fridge…long story) and finish the downstairs living room floor first after spending a lot of time at Ikea. So this project will be for later, probably spring break or summer.  
  • paint upstairs hallway & start on photo wall This also was pushed to the back burner in light of our laundry room which is in the process of getting a MAJOR facelift. M has a big post in the queue for that, it looks amazing so far. I am constantly amazed at how talented this guy is.
  • decorate for Christmas (!!!!) DONE AND DONE. We literally pulled out the Christmas decor after my family left on Friday and put up our tree on Saturday. I love every thing about Christmas.  
  • finish 2nd 6 weeks STRONG and not procrasti-grade I procrasti-graded a little (coming back from Paris was HARD) but it all ended up fine and well. No students are failing this 6 weeks (woohoo!) so I am feeling grateful for a wonderful group of students. 
  • recognize all I have to be grateful for (follow me on instagram: kelliechaney #30daysofgratitude) I did not do the 30 days picture thing as often as I originally wanted to (being out of the country in the middle was a big inconvenience…felt weird being grateful for the Eiffel Tower) but I am going to do a similar thing in December with the hashtag #favoritethings to help me get into the holiday spirit! 

Goals for December:

  • run a mile+ at least once a week 
  • #favoritethings once a day on instagram of my favorite holiday things (that I am grateful for) 
  • spend time reading & praying each morning before work
  • celebrate our SECOND married Christmas and New Year’s!
  • finish out strong before Christmas break, keep teaching up until the last day on December 20th (it’s so easy to let the kids talk me into slacking off, but there is much to get done before we leave- we have one full week + 2 days after break before exams! ahh!)
  • pull off a successful Holiday Variety Show at school for a Costa Rica Fundraiser (hoping for at least $200 profit after proceeds are split between us and drama club)
  • go to at least one small group event each week (oh yeah, we joined a small group through the Summit, so GREAT!) 
  • maintain cooking meals in the midst of basketball season (next week is our second three-game-week in a row)
  • no fast food in December! Sometimes I don’t have a choice when it comes to eating with the cheerleading and basketball teams but if I go, I will eat a salad. Need to save money (and calories!)

Onward, December! 

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