The One with November Goals

November is my favorite. I may have said this about October and September as well, but I really mean it. Autumn is my favorite season and once September starts it just sets the ball rolling on my favorite things. This November especially is going to be a spectacular one. October’s goals were…

  • Get to bed by 9pm every night (except for game nights). I was pretty good about this. I changed it to 9:30 halfway through the month which is a bit more realistic for the amount of things I have to do in the evenings at home, but it has helped significantly in terms of waking up in the morning. Basketball season starts in two weeks which will mean my nights will be later, which just means I need to make sure to get to bed early on non-game nights! 
  • Finish out football season strong! Success! Our last game was October 25th and our team squashed our opponent. I’m so proud of my girls too, they have worked so hard to get some pretty great stunts. Both stunt groups have a full cupie which means they will probably have full liberties (one leg!) by the end of basketball. 
  • Survive homecoming week. Check and check! Thankful this comes once a year.
  • Do the Virginia Creeper with pals! Again! Done and done and great fun!  
  • Run 2 miles without stopping by October 13. This did not happen. Nor was it attempted. Color Run is in 2 weeks and I do not expect to run the whole thing, but I do expect to make a personal best (ie; running more than 1.4 miles!)
  • Spend time reading & praying daily. I still missed some days but I have several different ‘plans’ I am reading in YouVersion which make it really easy to do this every morning. I never regret it, that’s for sure! 
  • GET READY TO TRAVEL TO PARIS! Getting ready….

As for November, there will be lots of posts about these goals…

  • Turn 25! 
  • Go to Paris! 
  • Run (some of) a 5k!
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving!
  • paint the Lady Cave
  • paint upstairs hallway & start on photo wall 
  • decorate for Christmas (!!!!) 
  • finish 2nd 6 weeks STRONG and not procrasti-grade 
  • recognize all I have to be grateful for (follow me on instagram: kelliechaney #30daysofgratitude) 
Already so grateful. Happy November everyone! 

Picture Source: via Hope on Pinterest

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