The One With October Goals

I am sitting here in my living room with the fireplace going, doggies snoozing nearby, husband in the next room working on another house project and I am so happy. This life is just so sweet sometimes. We just got back from a nice little weekend mountain getaway and I am feeling so refreshed after hiking in the brisk weather and sleeping a lot. 

I am officially a week behind on October Goals but I am finally in a place where I am a bit more organized and I am mentally and emotionally prepared to accept the fact that October is not only here, but zooming by just as quickly as its predecessor. 

September’s goals were:

  • Celebrate our FIRST wedding anniversary on September 10th! < This we did! we celebrated the evening at The Pit in downtown Raleigh, played UNO  and continued the celebration the next day with Pit Banana Pudding on our front porch. I love being married to my best friend. Unbelievably grateful to share my life with him. 
  • Run 3 times a week. < –  don’t think I ran 3 times the whole month. 5K is coming up in November so this is NO EXCUSES OCTOBER! 
  • Focus on THE PLAN to cut down on my sugar intake. < –  not so much with this either, most of September was survival mode. I am working on a new realistic school year plan that takes into account time I actually have to prepare food/exercise
  • Make progress on my Costa Rica Trip! <– Progress was made! I have a total of FIVE students signed up now and 3 adults, which made me qualify for FREE group leader training in Paris in November. More on that soon. So exciting. We are fundraising away and finished a t-shirt sale, had the student body vote on teacher superlatives for a pre-spirit week activity, and November will be spent preparing for a Holiday Variety Show in December! This has been a great learning experience but it will be a while before I take students abroad again. Fundraising is quite a consumer of time and energy. 

As for October! Here’s the rundown:

  • Get to bed by 9pm every night (except for game nights). I have been so exhausted these past few weeks and I realized it is because my old bad habit of staying up late is coming back! I get up at 5 everyday (carpool picks me up around 6:15) and I can’t work 12 hour days on less than 8 hours of sleep a night… I am learning. Game nights, I have no choice because I often don’t get home until 10 or 11 (or 12, eew!). 
  • Finish out football season strong! Fball is winding down, with only 3 more games left. I am so excited to see it go! It has been so much fun and I definitely love coaching, but I am looking forward to not spending my Thursday nights driving across rural Eastern NC and spending Friday mornings quasi-hungover from the night before. I think we get about a 2 week break before basketball starts and I plan to savor every moment. I also plan to use my coach stipend to buy Christmas gifts.
  • Survive homecoming week. This is the week of homecoming, the MAIN EVENT for cheerleaders and coaches! While the task itself is not difficult, it is my first time doing it and getting acquainted with all the traditions and details that go into making a pep rally, homecoming court, and a successful homecoming game night is way more than I ever thought it would be. Up first? Pajama day! Tomorrow we’ll wear jammies, Tuesday is Blast from the Past (I’ll be 80’s), Wednesday is class color (faculty is blue) and Thursday is WACKY TACKY. Friday of course is Blue & White and pep rally day and then Saturday is Sleep All Day Because I am So Tired Day. 
  • Do the Virginia Creeper with pals! Again! Last year we traveled to the NC/VA border to do the Virginia Creeper bike trail and camp. It was one of our first camping experiences and we had a blast and are so excited to do it again with some of our close friends Meghan & Jason and Jamie & Brian, later this month. It is an 11 mile bike trail that is totally down hill (read: lots of coasting). It is one of the prettiest things you can do in the fall. We’ll be driving up Friday night late, and spending all day Saturday & Sunday enjoying the fall weather and friends. I love this whole work/life balance thing. 
  • Run 2 miles without stopping by October 13. This week I am challenging myself to getting to the 2 mile mark with running. The Color Run is just 5 weeks away and I am not really any closer to running 3.1 miles than I was a month ago, or even two months ago. If I can get to my goal of 2 miles it makes 3.1 feel a little more attainable!
  • Spend time reading & praying daily. This was something that I got into the habit of doing this summer and it really changed my life for the better. My mindset each day was different and positive and with prayer and journaling I really felt like I had such a great viewpoint for the things God is doing in my life. I am still reading and journaling, but I realized this morning, after reopening my YouVersion app, that it had been 9 days since my last deliberate effort to sit down and read. I did not even realize it had been that long. It’s so crazy how fast life goes and we don’t even realize it! My goal this month is to take a few moments at the beginning of each day to read a little and pray/journal, so that I can be more aware of where my days and time are going. The older I get, the more I see such a parallel in time and money and that if we don’t budget our time in the same way we do money, we often lose and are left wondering where it all went.
  • GET READY TO TRAVEL TO PARIS! Um, that is not a typo. I’ll be traveling to Paris November 8th-12th. For almost nothing. Unbelievable. 

Okay October, come at me, bro! 

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