September so far…

September has been a total whirlwind so far, I can’t really believe it is already the 18th. I mean really. Too fast, life, too fast. 

School has (of course) consumed my days, and coaching cheerleading/Costa Rica recruitment/random teacher commitments have consumed my evenings. M has been working a lot of later shifts which means we see each other for about 30 seconds in the morning, where M’s eyes are usually closed and I am whispering something to the effect of “I’m leaving, dogs are awake and want something, love you!”. 

Last Saturday I spent the morning at school for a cheerleading day-camp fundraiser for girls pre-K – 6th grade. SO. MUCH. CUTENESS. Our JV & Varsity girls taught the girls a cheer, a chant and a dance that they will perform with them at half time at the varsity football game this Friday. We had a bit of a “yard sale” of  old cheer uniforms and random MHS goodies and combined with the money we charged for the camp itself, we came out pretty well. 

That afternoon we headed west to Charlotte to see Hillsong. It was absolutely wonderful. It was a great little ‘getaway’ and so nice to spend a few hours singing at the top of my lungs to Jesus. 

Sunday was spent getting our house ready for fall with wreaths, pumpkins and candles and such. Twas great. 

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