The One with September Goals!

September is my favorite. September is my favorite. September is my favorite.

Fall weather. Long sleeves. Scarves. Jeans. Apple cider. Candles. Fireplaces. Fresh air.

September marks the beginning of all my favorite things. 

Here are the goals for the month:

  • Celebrate our FIRST wedding anniversary on September 10th! We have big plans for dinner at the Pit downtown and we (ok, mostly Marshall) are working on some house projects in celebration. He is currently replacing the dining room floor (which tomorrow will also become the kitchen floor…JOY!) and next weekend we are going to paint our front door and hang new house numbers. I am also going to finally weed our front flower bed and prune our bushes to get our front porch ready for fall weather sitting! The following Saturday we are Greensboro bound to see Hillsong, and then in October we will be taking a weekend getaway to the mountains. Joy, joy! 
  • Run 3 times a week. 
  • Focus on THE PLAN to cut down on my sugar intake. 
  • Make progress on my Costa Rica Trip! I currently have five paying participants enrolled in my trip for June and I have a goal of getting at least one more student enrolled before Christmas. I am confident that this is doable. We have our first informational meeting this week and then our first sign up meeting the following week. We also KILLED a bake sale at open house, with a grand profit of $300.50 which gave each student going $100 (two of my five are adults). We are currently selling t-shirts which yield about a $4 profit a-piece and I am hoping to sell at least one hundred. So far we have sold 14 with two weeks left of selling which bodes well for the next two weeks. God has been so good through this process, guiding me through and giving me wisdom and AMAZING students and parents to work with. My biggest prayer at this point is to get at least one more student and that our fundraising will be fruitful! 

So far, at Magical High School, year three is the bomb. I am teaching the same class 3x a day which makes preparation time SUPER easy. I actually have time to differentiate in each class, whereas if I were teaching three preps, I wouldn’t really be able to differentiate for each learning style. I am beyond grateful for my job and school home. Coaching cheerleading is so much fun as well, way more fun than I originally thought it would be. Right now it is low-stress and I am loving practice 2x a week. It is so fun to end a work day working with students on something that is physical instead of academic. Same as when I cheered, stunting is my absolute favorite thing and my JV girls are determined to be great. I seriously could not ask for a better group of girls. Basketball season will definitely present more challenges and we are hoping to compete in December so November – February may be a little busy and more stressful, but I will cross that bridge once I get there. For now, it rules.

Happiest September to you all! 

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