To Charles Frédéric Gerhardt & John Vane…

My very first day of school, August 1993. 

Apparently, my sinuses are very sensitive. It has been my experience that a particularly pungent smell, drastic temperature changes or even a change in barometric pressure will send my sinuses a’whirling and my head a’aching. Should I go to the doctor? Been there, done that. My nostrils are tiny, my sinuses probably are too and Excedrin usually makes me feel really good about life  normal. 

For some reason, our air conditioning unit decided to stop working for a few (very warm) hours. Falling asleep in 90º and waking up in about 78º a few hours later (after the unit decided to heal itself) has sent my head into one of it’s a’aching episodes. Lordy, lordy. My poor flesh. Nothing like a middle-of-the-night migraine to make you long for your eternal body.

I woke up about two and a half hours ago, moved to the couch, tried to sleep some more, finally just decided to take some Excedrin, and unable to fall back asleep, I find myself at 3:49am and wide awake. My alarm will go off in one hour and eleven minutes. I imagine if I tried to go back to sleep, I’ll get around 37 minutes of actual sleep, wake up feeling nap-hangovery and yucky. So here I am with some thoughts about the combination of caffeine, aspirin and acetaminophen. 

I think it is brilliant. I am appreciative of the inventor of this miracle pill that can make me go from wanting to pull my nose off my face and my left eyeball out of its socket, to feeling like a productive genius without attention deficit issues… and most importantly without a headache. Thank you, thank you more than I could ever express with actual words.

I do ask though, sweet Excedrin pill, that you make your caffeine crash gentle, as in about four hours I will have twenty juniors and seniors in my classroom expecting to be entertained taught. Which brings my attention to little five-year-old me up top. 19 years ago I started kindergarten. I had my first headache that year. I remember telling my teacher that my head hurt, and she said “you’re too young to have a headache!” That ache ended up being the early signs of the flu, so the story isn’t entirely relevant, but the picture is still cute. My sister wore that dress the first day of kindergarten too. Precious. End caffeine induced tangent here.

May you all have the happiest of Tuesdays. 

PS: Wikipedia tells me (if I skimmed correctly) that Charles Frédéric Gerhardt & John Vane are the discoverers of aspirin and acetaminophen, respectively. Or maybe the other way. Regardless, my life is better because of them. Grassyus. 

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