The One with August Goals

It’s August! So begins the month that begins a new school year. This is my third August as a teacher, and this month is filled with equal parts sadness (for summer ending) and EXCITEMENT (for a new year beginning). I usually find that by the time school actually starts, it’s mostly just excitement. 

This is a busy month for me, full of brand new experiences. Yesterday began cheerleading camp where I am busy being the JV coach. Me? A coach? Yep. New experience number one. 

Along with my coaching duties comes driving my precious cheerleaders to and from away games, so next week I will be completing the official driving part of my bus driver class AND driving test. New experience number two. Nervous doesn’t even begin to describe what I am feeling right now! As much as I would prefer to never have to drive a bus, I am looking forward to having this on my “life experience” list, right there under being a DJ (high school biz, I made $100 to sit and play music at kids parties– best gig ever), traveling to Spain and “surviving” the earthquake felt from DC all the way to Clinton, NC. 

So here’s the goals for August:

  • successfully coach (& drive my JV girls to) their first football game on August 16… and the two others that will follow 
  • finish the Spanish II pacing guide (level I is done!) 
  • start the 2012-2013 school year without fear and with much enthusiasm!
  • run 1.5 miles 2x in one week 
  • jump back into my Plan, mostly the chores aspect 
  • finish Marshall’s top-secret anniversary gift!

Here’s to an excellent month ahead! 

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