The One with Summer Goals (Ha!)

Apparently at some point while I was laying on the couch in June, I decided to make some goals for the summer. These are really, really vague and kind of embarrassing and I don’t totally understand them. You will also notice that they are mostly all about our house which requires money, which has pretty much run out. So yes. 


So about these, our downstairs renovations are underway, and soon Marshall and I will be blogging about those specifically (in fact, he is working on those right now). He mostly does the work, I enjoy it and cook him dinner. It’s a good system. 

Our downstairs is painted, although the hallway/foyer is only primed. It was just good enough to tide us over until we want to drop $150 on a 5 gallon bucket of white paint. Dining room is a beautiful green (thanks for your leftovers, sister!) and the kitchen a cool grey, living room a fun, bright blue and our bathroom a sweet robin’s egg blue. I’m in love a little bit. 

Marshall laid down a new floor in the downstairs bathroom and right now is working on the baseboard, chair rail and wainscot (Wayne’s Coat). Soon we’ll be hooking the toilet and sink back up so we don’t have to go upstairs to pee (although with my water intake, is doing some work on my calf muscles). 

I hung curtains in the kitchen, not in the living room yet (we have blinds, so it’s not really a pressing need). I’ve unpacked all the boxes and our mismatched linens all have a home. Our closet is unpacked and semi-organized with the current shelving and we have a dresser now so my t-shirts and pajama pants finally have a home. In the living room we have not yet painted the inside of the TV nook, out of sheer procrastination and indifference. 

As for this A-line skirt prototype… I have no idea what I meant. I had a cute A-line skirt (Good Will find) that I really liked, maybe I wanted to duplicate it? Sorry Kellie-of-the-past, be more specific next time. 

Spain photo book! I have not done this either, but I’d like to. Maybe I can squeeze it in before my common core retreat at the end of July? 

Meal planning is easy. We’ve made a monthly schedule and often don’t stick to it, but I’ve found that it’s easier to cook when you shop for meals. We’ve eaten out once (besides our free Which Wich) in the past month. That is cool. 

…and as for running, I have successfully run a mile twice! That is exciting and honestly something I never thought I would be able to do. Although, I am looking to do two full weeks running it three times a week before I try to increase my distance to meet my 1.5 mile goal. Knees and asthma having been a major roadblock in my journey to becoming a runner, but I am learning, adapting and moving on. I’ve become much more in tune with my body and I know when I need to stop for asthma and when I just need to power through. I’ve also learned that two puffs of my inhaler and a good mile warm-up walk never hurt anybody,  running with two dogs is way easier than running with just one when they are both focused, and an absolute disaster when one of them is not.

There’s my summer goals! Oh Couch Kellie of June, you were silly. 

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