The One with Goals for 2012: Revisited

(This picture has nothing to do with anything in this post. It is my sister and I in Disney World in 1993. We are contemplating a Disney trip in 2013 which means this picture would have been taken 20 years ago. TWENTY YEARS AGO. This inspires me to get up and savor each moment of this life because, my goodness, it is absolutely flying by!) 

On July 1st I saw a lot of my friends updating blogs and such on their goals for the year, being halfway through the year and all. I didn’t really realize that I had made goals for 2012. I also found a note in my phone called: “Goals for Summer” which I had totally forgotten about. I also realize that the last time I posted goals here was Aprilish.. so I guess it’s accountability time. Yessiree. Not so good with the goal making these days. It’s okay with me, though, it’s summer break. 

Here they are, my 2012 goals: 

Goals for 2012 (cut and pasted from my January blog post!):

+spend more time reading the Bible

This is very vague, but I would have to say that I am definitely spending more time reading than I was when I initially made this goal. I’m really struggling with reading the Bible to learn vs. reading the Bible to feel good about myself for reading the Bible.. ya hear? With the help of a devotional and the Youversion app, I feel like I am actually on occasion reading with a purpose. In my Jesus time I’m really discovering that I am longing for a church family to study with. 

+make monthly goals (ha!) 

I did good January – April and I plan to resume these come August, as my summer break is slipping away. This is my last full week of vacation. Sad day. 

+read at least 10 books (starting with the Jesus Calling iPhone app, so cool!) 

Well, I haven’t really been consistently reading ‘Jesus Calling’ (it is a really neat devotional, and I’m usually pretty anti-devotional– overall they are pretty cheesy and cookie-cuttery, but this one is really unique. I recommend it if you’re looking for something different and don’t want a Young Twenty Something Hipster Christian Daily Bread ) I have read the Hunger Games Trilogy and I re-read Harry Potter 1 & 2. So I guess I’ve read 5? That is impressive to myself. I should probably pick out the next 5 I am going to read. Eh, I’ll do it later. 

+brush Luna at least 2x a week 

I am not even going to pretend this has happened. I was tempted to delete it.

+daily walks and/or trips to the dog park with Luna after work

This is for real. We walk, we run, we skip, we play. And now we run as a pack with Mr. Lobo! 

+come up with and stick with an efficient organization system for my classroom: collecting papers, grading papers in a timely fashion, returning work to students, etc. 

I don’t know that I actually wrote this down, but this past semester (I keep forgetting I had an entire semester of students since I wrote these goals) was the best I have ever had. I intend to repeat what I did last semester until I come up with something even better. I have a next-day policy where I grade it the same day I assign it and return it the following day. I had a student assistant last semester so this was 100% possible and amazing and life-changing. I am praying (and periodically emailing the guidance staff) to pretty please give me a student assistant forever and ever.

+continue using my sewing machine and learning the ins and outs — make some wearable article of clothing

I have not really used my sewing machine much since we moved (okay, at all) but I bought a dress at Good Will a few weeks ago that is adorable and ruffly but it just needs some sleeve alterations. I’ve actually set my sewing machine up in my new lady cave (opposite of man cave) and have big plans to start on that sometime soon so I can wear it before Labor Day. It’s kind of white. 

+take a true sabbath each week to spend time with Marshall and the pup

Summer break is one big Sabbath which is nice. I honestly can’t remember if I was able to take a real (weekend) day off during the school year to hang out with my family, I will make a note of that once school starts back (Lord I hope so!). Marshall always has to work on the weekends but occasionally he’ll get a Sunday off which is my absolute favorite. 

+speak way more Spanish when I’m teaching Spanish 

Yes. I OWNED this. In my observation with my principal he estimated that I spoke in Spanish 90% of the class period. That is huge and amazing for me. It is so hard to look kids in the face when they have no idea what you are saying, repeat yourself and use big gestures every day but BOY does it get easier. On my final evaluation with my students I didn’t have a single kid that put that I didn’t speak enough Spanish or that they didn’t feel like it helped them learn the language. They loved it. I loved it. Love love loved it. 

+stick with our debt snowball! 

We’re really doing it! We will have Marshall’s car paid OFF by the end of the year and we’ll start working on our student loans. We hope to be out of debt (except for our mortgage) by the time we are 30. Budgeting is so hard at first but it gets easier, I’ll do a blog post soon about all of it. We are doing an intricate combination of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, You Need a Budget (YNAB) software, and putting on our big girl/boy pants and living within our means with no credit cards. So hard and going to be so worth it when we are 40, 50, 60, 70 and can travel and play and give and love on people with our money! 

+design and use a teacher website

This has not happened yet. I have my functional website on our school’s server, but I want something more permanent with a unique URL that I can take with me when/if I change schools/grades/subject area/etc. and that I can use professionally when I network with other professionals at workshops with a complete Curriculum Vitae and examples of student work and whatnot. And that is easier to edit via iWeb. 🙂 

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