The One with Another Year Ending

I really can’t believe this school year is over. Seems like yesterday I was moving into sweet room 240 for the first time, with its bare walls and dungeon windows. Packing up this year is bittersweet indeed. Professionally, it was an amazing year. My students were great, I designed and implemented a completely new (to me) curriculum for Spanish II and managed to keep up with it in a very organized fashion and just grew so much as a teacher. I have a style. I have quirks. I have a rep. It feels so great to be “Mrs. Chaney, the Spanish teacher” instead of the new teacher, the pushover teacher, the inexperienced teacher, etc. Not to mention all the extra fun stuff I got to do as World Languages rep for our county, and as a member of SIT. International Club was fun, but unfortunately I had to prioritize a lot this year and that kind of sunk to the bottom. The sweetness of this goodbye: SUMMER. Read: m&m pancakes whenever I want. 

Personally, obviously a great year as well. I started as Ms. Deaton and made the transition to Mrs. Chaney and have loved every second. Today, in fact, Mr. Chaney drove me to work and spent two hours helping me pack and file and I must say that because of his hard work I am able to blog right now. Packing and filing is so bittersweet because there is a slight possibility that I am moving to a different classroom next year and might even be floating. This, obviously will be challenging in a different way (logistically, planning ahead, technology problems, etc) but I am up for it. This first job is doing exactly what a first job should do: providing experience.

Speaking of experience, what’s coming in 2012-2013:

  • coaching JV cheerleading
  • driving a bus to away games with aforementioned JV cheerleaders
  • teaching Spanish II & III (fingers crossed for a Spanish III section)
  • more fun with NCWLES as the World Languages rep
  • a real department! we just hired a fresh-out-of-internship Spanish teacher from Michigan… she’s fun, studied in Spain, Mexico and loves FRIENDS
  • serving as secretary on our School Improvement Team
  • preparation for the dreaded Measures of Student Learning (MSL) coming 2013-2014
  • Last year as an official Beginning Teacher (BT)! 

Can’t wait for new experiences to come! And equally thrilled for a 5 week & 7 day break before it all begins. Yahoo! Happy summer. 

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