My entire life I thought $8.50 was way too much to spend on a bottle of nail polish. I mean, why not buy the NYC exact same color for $.99? Recently I have learned why. Because the $8.50 bottle of nail polish is amazing. Today my dad (who continues to spoil me, even at age 24) took me to Target and insisted on buying me not 1, but 5 bottles of nail polish. The good kind. I got the clear base coat, a few colors (I like pinks) and the clear top coat and I finally have fingernails that look like they belong to a grown up. And this grown up will never pay money for a manicure again. (fine print: Unless its my birthday or I am celebrating losing 10 lbs or something. Then I will most definitely pay for a manicure and pedicure). So, a big thanks to my pops for making sure my nails are pretty and for OPI for making stellar paint for nails. You both rock.

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