Luna is getting a brother! Meet Lobo (he’s asleep on the left). His given name is Zack, but we found after keeping him for 2 days that he answers to Lobo– which means ‘wolf’ in Spanish, and what we wanted to call our next husky puppy if we got one. Lobo is about 2 months older than Luna (December 2010 we estimate is his DOB) and currently around 45 lbs and is just a tad smaller than our Looney Tune. He is cuddly (what I thought Luna would be like) and loves to snuggle. With the right motivation (food) he will sit, lay down and give a paw. So far he’s not as keen to play with Luna 24/7 like she would like to do, but if you know Luna, you know she’s persistent and can pretty much convince any dog to play. He and Luna had a great old time playing around, going for walks and napping on the kitchen floor. They’d play for a few minutes then nap for 30. Play, nap, play, nap, play, nap. All day. Lobo just left and Luna is currently passed out on the floor, where I imagine she will stay until late tomorrow.

We were hoping to have a fence up at our new house before we adopted, so we were kind of bummed to say goodbye to Lobo for a few weeks until we got our fence. We are getting Lobo through Southern Siberian Rescue, a locally operated organization (literally, 3 exits down from us in Garner). They have a partnership with the correctional facility in Nash county with the inmates who take 3 shelter dogs at a time and train them to do basic commands and work on any behavioral problems. The owner, Dawn, told me today that if we were interested she could take Lobo TOMORROW to start the program, meaning we could adopt him upon his return at the beginning of July. An absolutely perfect arrangement. Just enough time for us to get our fence up and save a little money without worrying another family will adopt our little guy. We are PUMPED and I have yet ANOTHER reason to wish the next month of school away: puppy. And it’s kind of funny to tell people your dog went to jail. I’m wondering if we could send Luna to visit.

Excitement all around, and if you’d like to buy us a Dyson vacuum that would be great, because I’m pretty sure I inhaled a dog hair earlier and it is stuck in my trachea.

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