Since I graduated from college, there are a few things I’ve learned about myself. 1) I like delicious food, 2) food that I consider to be delicious food is usually high in calories, 3) I do not have my teenage, cheerleader, dancer metabolism of my 110 lb days, 4) I am capable of exercising, 5) exercising can be fun.

So #5. Exercising can be fun, only if paired with fun exercise companions, like clothes, sports bras and of course, shoes. So these shoes are my favorite color and I like reasons to wear them. Like, running and walking. So I am AGAIN (I think this is the 4th time) starting the Couch to 5K app (now, it’s ease into 5k) and this time actually doing a good job of starting small. In the past I’ve had the wrong shoes, tried to do too much too soon, etc and ended up in intense pain from my knees or feet or something else and consoled myself in a milkshake and added another show to my queue and decided running wasn’t for me. Not this time, Kellie! I am mentally committed to a not so serious 5k in October and I intend to run. The whole thing. So here’s to completing week 1 of my “training”!

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