There is this kid named Emmanuel. Other than obvious reasons as to why he is awesome (God is with us) he has the greatest taste in music. A year or so ago we met when I proctored a test and afterwards I discovered he had ALL of my favorite songs in his iPod. We’re talking Usher & Alicia Keys, KC & Jojo, Boys 2 Men… Serious goodies. He is now in my Spanish II class and today we spent the morning missing Whitney Houston and singing through her Pandora station together. While I was walking around checking student work, he stopped me, looked at his paper he’d been working on all morning and said “Me gusta tu pelo.” I serious adore that kid. February should be called Insaneuary in teacher land, and sweet kids like that make it all alright. And my hair was so cute and wavy until about 11:45… then it all fell and it wasn’t so cute anymore.

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