I had a moment yesterday. It was spectacular. I was so full of joy that I just started laughing and the tears started flowing. I was sitting at my desk in my planning period, frantically trying to finish a spreadsheet of ESL data, solve 10 problems and supervise my student assistant working with our newest ESL student from El Salvador. They had just worked on some basic phrases, I am from El Salvador. I like to dance. I am passionate. I am creative. I like to eat. and they were practicing numbers. Our sweet salvadoreña was showing us her numbers, much like an English speaker shows off their ability to count in a random language (I am guilty of showing off how I can count to ten in Spanish, French and Chinese) and she was shouting the numbers with such excitement, my heart was just singing. One, two…all the way to 200 she counted. It was when she got to fifty, and then one hundred and fifty,  but shouted it and all its counterparts as fixty that I just lost it. These past two days have been exhausting but so, very, satisfying to every inch of my soul. Yesterday was just one of those days where I realized, that without really realizing it, God has answered every teeny little desire in my heart and I just wanted to explode with gratitude. If grace, if love, if mercy, if joy is an ocean, I am sinking. And it is wonderful. 

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