The One Where We Got Married: Part 3

So, I love blue. Marshall designed my engagement ring through an artist he found on Etsy (it’s here, you can see the CG images M made in the design process, so neat!) and decided to put aquamarine stones in it… I never, ever, ever would have thought of that. I love it. So perfect. Leading up to our engagement Marshall had been designing the ring for months, and although I kept trying to get him to tell me when he thought he might propose, he assured me that it was months (maybe even a year!) away. We talked about rings but we never went to look at them… I had no idea how to even begin deciding what kind of ring I wanted, or anything about diamonds or anything…I just told him that I wanted something simple, pretty and unique. He of course, knowing me better than I usually know myself, knew this already and had already designed it. Stinker.

Marshall also designed all our graphical things for our wedding (programs above, invite below) and one of my little favorite things was  that the leaf pattern that he designed for the band was also the border on our wedding invites. Yay littlest of details. I love the way my husband’s brain works.

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