The One Where We Got Married: Part 2

This post is about flowers. And about the fact that I don’t like to spend money on things I can make. Which brings me to this, awesome, awesome, awesome DIY flower bouquet tutorial on Rock n Roll Bride with a whisk, flower hair clips and a needle and thread. I only had a whisk (actually, I had to go to every store ever to find one with a skinny handle… to no avail. They just don’t make whisks like they used to) and a dream.

My original idea was to have my bridesmaids carry white flowers and myself carry a colorful bouquet, but after I finished one of the ivory bouquets and put it next to my dress I was in love. So I made a new one for myself of ivory flowers. I got the fabric scraps from the remnant section of JoAnn’s fabrics and I used all different shades and textures. I bent the whisk until it had a larger space on the inside then I filled it with bubble wrap (after experimenting with fabric and pillow stuffing) and hotglued my flowers together. My very first one I sewed together which took WAY too long, and hot glue was just as sturdy. I did have a DIY wedding survival kit with a hot glue gun just in case… a lot of my things were hot glued together…

 The colorful one ended up being absolutely perfect for my ADORABLE flower girl, Adison. It matched the dress PERFECTLY that her mom, my wonderful pal Sarah, made for her.. She also made a tie for our sweet ring bearer, Cole out of the same fabric. I love the colors! Adison was so excited to get the pretty bouquet. Later it doubled as the throw bouquet and is now in the possession of my sweet hairstylist, and friend, Amy.

After the bouquets I made single flowers for boutonnieres and corsages. Boys got buttons on theirs (button-ieres!) and the girls got pearls & ribbon. I had so much fun making these. 

I am so happy with the way they turned out! Just like I envisioned. I can’t wait to get some free time to make some holiday bouquets… I think I might make a fall colored one just to have at home and then one for Christmas. The possibilities are endless!  

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