It has been too long.

It has been a long time since I have blogged. That is because too much has been happening at a lightning fast speed, I haven’t had time to document it all. First, I am getting married in ONE WEEK. I am so excited, I can’t even believe it. The past few months have been filled with wedding crafties, a sweet bridal shower and C party, bridesmaid dress finding, re-inviting all the people that did not get their postcard invitation and a lot of books about marriage.

I also moved from my big, blue, big girl apartment in Garner, to our new house in Garner/Southeast Raleigh where we will live as newlyweds!

And we made our first big purchase… a couch from Ikea!

 I finished up my nanny job with my sweet family in Wake Forest. They treated me to a sleepover the night before my last day…complete with pizza, soda, board games and cheesecake for dessert.

 We also found out that my sweet sister is expecting her first baby at the end of February. This is my sister’s mother in law (whom I call Aunt Nancy) finding out she is going to be a grandma. So excited for Granny and Papa Charles.

We got some wonderful gifts at my bridal shower that my sweet friends threw for me.. including a new shower curtain and really soft towels. I was really excited about the matchy matchyness. 

Me with the TP brides. 
My almost-sister-in-law being toilet papered up by her mom, grandma, Robin from church and RJ and Nancy from MHS. This team worked so well together! Olivia’s dress was amazing.

In the meantime, school started back and I presented for the first time at High School academy day that our county does every year. I didn’t have a huge turnout at any of my sessions, the biggest was about 12 people, but I was so happy to have this experience under my belt. My session was about common strategies that work well for ESL students, and how they are really just good pedagogy and everyone benefits from them (including how artifacts fit into the new teacher evaluation). I was pretty pleased with how it turned out..even though I didn’t find out until the Monday before I was actually going to do it. Yay working well under pressure!

On the school calendar. I love where I work.

We got our engagement pictures back from Nancy Ray! So wonderful. 

My sunrise commute. I love watching the sunrise along the country roads. 

The night before school starts! So fun! 

Celebratory first day of school/ date night cheesecake at David’s Noodles & Dumplings. 

We also started celebrations for sweet Jamie who is marrying her high school sweetheart Brian come October 1st. Some family friends threw her a wonderful shower on Sunday with an Audrey Hepburn feel. Very elegant, very sassy. So much fun. 

Which brings us to today, where we are puppysitting cousin Lucy in our little house. Lucy is definitely a good influence (growls and barks at Luna when she misbehaves) and last night they were having some sweet cuddle time. Lucy actually decided she was going to enjoy the last of Luna’s bone and Luna, seeing no other option, just laid there and watched. Precious puppies. 
Now, the first full week of school is done. And I am so thankful for a long weekend, as I have managed to catch the first cold/sickness that is going around. Yay immune system. Today I am enlisting the help of my friend Justin in taking pictures at my friend Samantha’s wedding today at Meredith College, tomorrow will be spent celebrating Marshall’s last day leading worship at Sunrise and getting any last minute wedding things from the church in Hillsborough, and Monday will be spent doing wedding crafties and planning out my lessons for the next week and a half. I am only out Friday, and Monday and Tuesday after we get married, but progress reports go out that Wednesday I return, so I have to be ready on Thursday of this week! That means caught up on grading, done with ESL paperwork and all the while teaching good lessons. Oh my goodness. If I can make it to next Saturday, it will be a miracle. Also, lots of prayers for good weather. There are some silly hurricanes in the ocean right now that look like they could be coming this way around next weekend… and we’d prefer for that not to happen. More soon! 

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