The One with the Husky Mug

Well I am all moved in to our new house almost officially (still debating whether or not I’ll change my address on my license now, or just wait and do it with my new name in a little over a month!) and in just a matter of weeks, I will resume life as Señorita D, Spanish Teacher extraordinaire….for the last time. So bittersweet! Well mostly sweet… I think life as Señora C could be quite fun.

On the engagement front, things are going well. We are officially licensed to wed in the state of North Carolina (by the way, the guys that work at the Register of Deeds in Wake Co. at the marriage license desk are hilarious) and we are almost ready for our lil’ shindig come September. We are in the process of finalizing little details and trying get as much done before I go back to work without going bankrupt. Little things that you wouldn’t think would cost a lot (ie; plain wedding bands) actually do, and things that you think would cost a lot (ie; renting chairs) also do. Money woes aside, I am getting so excited I might explode. I don’t know how people do super long engagements…by our wedding day it will be not quite five months and it feels a little long. Although, if it were any shorter I don’t think all our little “last minute” DIY projects would be done, so I think overall it’s been a good amount of time. I can’t wait to share those on here… there is not much more that I love than a good craft project and a craft project for my wedding to my favorite guy? That’s crafty bliss.

Anywho, here are some silly pictures of what I’ve been up to. Between moving + crafting + nannying + preparing for the school year I haven’t had much time to actually document the summer, but here’s some from today. The family I nanny for was kind enough to let me shorten my work weeks for my last two weeks so I could have some time to get wedding stuff done, bless their hearts. Sleeping in for the past two days has been amazing and just what I needed.

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