The One with a Guest Blogger: 8 Year Old Kellie Lynne

In all my pre-marriage moving I have stumbled upon my writing journals from second grade. I loved Ms. Bigelow’s class. (Sidenote: At the end of one of my stories I asked if she liked it and she wrote, ‘yea boy!’ As a current teacher, I really respect that) We had ridiculous amount of writing time and reading time. I wonder if they taught me anything. Anywho, enjoy. I will share many of these little stories. My 8 year old mind was a hoot. Also, at the end of EVERY story is an illustration. Get excited.

Today is Friday, March 22 1994

The Weirdist Story on Earth
Once there was an little old woman and an little old man. They lived in an cottage in the black forest.
One night when the moon was full in the big black sky. The Old man heard a sound. It was the strangest sound. It was coming from the BARN! He went down to the barn. He saw a strange creature. Right when we was about to turn around and run it ran up and tapped him on the sholder and said “Tag, your it!” And he ran off screaming.


Until later… 

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