The One with Summer Vacation

Summer vacation began around  2pm on Wednesday and is ending, in about 45 minutes. 
Here is how it all went down: 
Wednesday morning, before Technology Day at school, I hung out with Luna for a bit. 
 At technology day, my friend, and fellow Math teacher and I went to a Lego robot session. We programmed it to drive in circles, make turns and to say, “woops!”
iPad in the high school session. I did a virtual frog dissection. 
Wednesday evening we headed to Ninth Street in Durham for engagement pictures with Nancy Ray. We had a wonderful time. She made it so fun! Afterwards, Marshall was like “I’m so glad she is coming to our wedding!” We kicked off the session with my favorite food ever: chicken nachos con guacamole from Cosmic Cantina– where we had our first (non)date back in 2005! 
Hung out with Luna some more, prior to my last meeting in Clinton on Thursday. I’m serving as the World Languages person on a district team for the incoming essential standards. 
This was before she pooped in my backseat. 
In a video about Race to the Top (RttT), my aforementioned pal Fatch made an appearance. What a celeb. 
 After my meeting, I met up with former non-student, Karson, for a Cook Out shake in Dunn.
She has a tiny diploma in her wallet. She and I are also going to the midnight showing of HP7P2 at the iMax in July. There will be costumes. 
Friday morning I drove to Southport, NC for wedding festivities for my sweet friend Courtney. 
We ate at this adorable place called PJs. 
Then we headed to Carol’s Mane Attractions and all the bridesmaids got their hair did.
While they were getting their hair finished, I headed to the venue to scope it out. Gorgeous deck for the ceremony. 
After hours of celebrating their new marriage, I headed to bed (and slept like a baby) at the Hampton Inn. 
Complimentary breakfast. Good. 
Back at home, in the future living room of Marshall and I. One of the perks of marrying this guy? He has awesome stuff. Like, model airplane, pictured above. 
And also, a huge TV and extensive DVD collection. 
After church today, we met up with my padre at Bandido’s and Hillsborough for a Daddy’s Day lunch. 
And then we piled into the Element, with our free kitchen table and chairs (and awesome sitting chair for  me, to share soon!) and Luna got to sit in the floorboard. She didn’t complain, as Marshall spilled some maple syrup earlier in the week. 
After I got home to my apartment, Marshall texted me a picture of our backyard-to-be. Costa Rica hammock. Love that guy. 
And then I discovered I might love ice cream after all. I think it was my TCBY experience in Charlotte a few weeks ago. 
And my summer job starts tomorrow. Although, I think it will be wonderful and not very “work” like. The first thing on my schedule is to have breakfast with two of my favorite people tomorrow morning. So far, so great. 
So, do I use my real camera anymore? Sometimes. Mostly special occasions, like weddings. 🙂

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