The One Where Luna has a Birthday

I never thought I’d be one of those people. You know, those people have pictures of their doggies in their wallets (or now I guess, iPhone gallery would be the equivalent), showing them to everyone, or sharing funny stories of things their dogs did… but really, I am becoming that person for sure. This sweet puppy, who has been the cutest, most fun (and simultaneously annoying) addition to my life is four months old today. Where does the time go? She already looks so much older, and has a serious “wolf lady” appearance about her, weighing in at about 25 lbs. At four months, in the “adolescent” stage, Luna’s favorite things include:
  • Chewing on pretty much everything… from her bed, the bars of her crate, my bed sheets, my shoes, her leash, my hands, bully sticks (which smell terrible), walls, carpet, anything made of wood, sticks, mulch, grass, etc. Sweet girl is teething, and most of her baby teeth are falling out. I found one the other day and put it in a baggy for Marshall to put under his pillow. Unfortunately, I don’t think the tooth fairy visits for doggy teeth.
  • Going bathroom outside, like 95% of the time. She doesn’t have accidents in the crate anymore, and she can go 8-10 hours at night (like a champ!) and will usually give us some sort of warning before she needs to go outside… intense sniffing, running in circles, barking at the couch, barking at me, etc. Granted, these are all things she does anyway, so sometimes you find it was a false alarm.
  • Faking Marshall out. One more than one occasion she will go outside, do the potty squat and then come inside and actually go real potty. I guess she thinks it’s funny…
  • Doing tricks. She sits, lays down, and gives handshakes. We’re working on gentle and inside voice. 
  • Eating peanut butter. The other day, I sat on the couch and tried to eat some PB crackers. I had a doggy in my lap shortly thereafter.
  • Spending time with other doggies. We’ve been taking her to the dog park at my apartment complex and she LOVES chasing other dogs around. She especially loves her cousin Lucy, who lives in Charlotte. 
  • Dog food, sometimes. She is the pickiest eater, but for the most part she eats well. Sometimes we have to make it into a game to get her interested. 
Happy 4 month Birthday Luna-head! 

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