The One with La gran manzana

Over my spring break, Marshall and I took a trip to The Big Apple for a few days. It was the first time for both of us, and we had a blast. It was so fun. We did the perfect mix of touristy things and authentic New York City staples. Among the coolest things were the celeb sightings… Monday we saw pretty much the entire cast of Glee (minus Mercedes and Santana) filming in Times Square. Shortly thereafter we ended up with FREE front row tickets to David Letterman and saw Bill Maher, Cote de Pablo and Lupe Fiasco. Later on in the week we were galavanting around the Apple stores in Manhattan and stumbled upon free Q&A’s for the Tribeca Film Festival that was in town. We saw Zach Braff, his co-star  and director for his film High Cost of Living and Eva Mendes and her director for her film Last Night. As far as touristy things, we went to the Guggenheim Art Museum, Central Park, Staten Island Ferry past the Statue of Liberty, and we spent several days visiting Times Square and all it’s Broadway goodness (Catch Me if You Can–awesome show!) and Harry Potter: The Exhibition (I LOVED IT). We also ate at some of the best restaurants ever. Among them, Gray’s Papaya.. a NY hotdog place with papaya juice to die for. Another one of our faves was the Doughnut Plant with the most delicious doughnut creations: PB&J (strawberry J and crunchy PB–MMM!), tres leches, and triple chocolate cake. No really. So great. Another one of our favorites was Beso, a Spanish Tapas restaurant on Staten Island. They had amazing sangria and some of the most delicious tapas I’ve had on this side of the Atlantic. That restaurant may have also been one of our favorites because after dinner, as we watched New York across the river, with all it’s sparkly lights, Marshall asked me a little question….

(Insert huge, goofy, grin on my face here.) Yep. Marshall and I will be getting married, pretty soon actually, and we are so excited! (PS: Thanks for all the congratulations! We are so thankful to have such sweet friends!) More on that later, but this post is about the Big Apple, so here are some I ❤ NY pictures. From Broadway to the Subway, we loved it. Can't wait to go back! Sounds like a perfect place for anniversary trips, huh? 😉

3 thoughts on “The One with La gran manzana

  1. SO. FREAKING. AMAZING. I don't know which part I was squealing (with gLee??) about the most – the engagement, the celeb sightings, the awesome foodie experiences, the friends building, or the fact that you've been to the guggenheim and i STILL haven't. what a FUN trip for you two, and CONGRATS again. i'm sure you were happy to be home to see your sweet puppy, though. thanks for the pretty photos!

  2. Love this!!!
    Your trip to New York was like the kind they show in movies, including awesome extras like seeing celebrities!
    Can't wait for all the other updates! 😀

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