The One with the Ward Family

My junior year of high school I started going to a small church on the Durham/Chapel Hill line called Living Hope. We were a small group of less than 100 and we shared a building with the 7th Day Adventists. There I met some of the most wonderful people, and where I began a big change in my spiritual development. I had attended a traditional Southern Baptist church in Durham, and Living Hope was way more casual, and informal and I got a chance to see Christianity played out in a realistic way, based on service, love and as a real relationship with Jesus…. rather than guilt and doing “good” things that sometimes Christianity can be seen as being. I formed some serious lasting relationships there, and I keep in touch with most of those people today, even though we’ve all moved around and Living Hope no longer meets together. There is definitely something to be said about relationships where God is in the center. Ties that are not easily broken for sure. 

Dave was the pastor of Living Hope and for a brief time, I had his and Angie’s kids, Taylor and Jamison, in children’s church… which is hard to believe as Taylor is rapidly approaching his teen years. I am so thankful for their love, support  and encouragement through my high school and college years and am so happy to have them close by in Chapel Hill! 
A few weeks ago we met at UNC’s campus for some photos. As a whole, they are avid UNC fans (big understatement there) and so the campus was absolutely perfect for them. Thanks for having me, Wards!

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