The One with the Countdown

Today is April 14, which commences the 10 day countdown to when we leave for NYC.

Also, today is Thursday, and I have a workshop tomorrow (8 hours of Thinking Maps. Who is excited?) so I just have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week to teach until spring break. Which, I am going to kick-off with a manicure and pedicure, continue with Luna’s next vet visit (which I think they will tell us she has grown a lot, girl is getting bigger every minute), then I’ll take her to Charlotte to meet the sister and doggy-cousin(?) Lucy where I leave her for a week while I go to NYC with my wonderful, wonderful, wonderful boyfriend. Who made this:

Why yes. That is a detailed map of all the places we will be going in New York. Each color is is a different day. And it matches a detailed itinerary that is also color coded. Like I needed another reason to love this man. 10 days, y’all. 10 days.

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