The One with a Deep Breath

I am currently breathing deeply. Relaxing my mind. Becoming what Cesar Millan likes to call, calm assertive. I’m trying to teach my dog that barking and howling doesn’t bring me back, but when she’s quiet chewing on her toy, that does. She is outside on the balcony, and I am hiding on the inside of my apartment, just where she can’t see me, but I can see her. However when she barks, whines or howls, I stick my little head just where she can see me… not coming outside. Sucka.

So we started with one minute. Two minutes. Three minutes. Now we’re up to 10. You see, the things I’m discovering about huskies by living with one, and researching online about them, is that they are smart. So smart, that they know how predictable things are. Like toys, chew bones, tennis balls, etc. It’s like she plays with it and then know how it goes and doesn’t really need to play with it ever again. Rather, she would rather attack the tarp protecting my downstairs neighbors patio from her pee.  I’m stuck in this place where I am madly in love with this precious husky baby with one blue eye who curls up in my lap to fall asleep and chew on her bone…. and this other Satan-esque dog who may or may not realize she is probably smarter than me that holds her pee during an hour long walk outside, only to release it on the tarp covered balcony when we return.  And when I think about Satan-dog, I kind of wish I had researched it more and maybe bought an iPad instead.  If it weren’t for my sweet boyfriend (who has gone halfsies with me on this pup, I’m pretty sure to make sure that I keep it alive… what, I have a bad track record with pet fish and cacti) I would have already given her back. He is the dog whisperer.

So part of me wonders, do I get another puppy to keep Luna company during the day so she doesn’t destroy everything and make all my neighbors hate her with her pitiful, pitiful  howls? Or will they conspire against me to be twice as loud and destructive?

Okay, one minute to go and she’s gone 10 minutes without howling. However, she has pulled a pillow (that she peed on yesterday) off of the top of her crate. Why is she growing so fast? She doesn’t eat anything. She does get the hiccups at least twice a day and sleeps about 16 hours….

(PS: I love, I love, I love, I love, I love iPhone users, get it! get it now!) 

One thought on “The One with a Deep Breath

  1. Oh the joys of having a puppy! As frustrating as it is right now, Luna will grow out of all of these annoying habits. I thought that I had made a mistake when I got Meredith because she was using my apartment like a litter box even if she had been outside for a long walk. This too shall pass and you will have a wonderful companion!

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