The One Where Luna (almost) Takes a Bath

We took Luna to Hillsborough on Sunday to meet the Chaney fam. She ran. She played. She rolled down the hills. She rolled in some other animal’s poop. She napped. And so on and so forth.

LOVE HER EYES. One is blue and the other is mostly brown with some blue at the top. The vet says it will probably be completely brown soon. And this is not edited, just straight out of my 50mm. 
Good gosh this dog is beautiful. 

 And she and Marshall’s dad decided to sing to each other.

Her coat is AWESOME. She will roll all over everything and be filthy, then shake and be completely clean. However, the smell (and pollen) remains… so we attempted at a bath. Here she is pleading with all her puppy might for me to rescue her from the water situation. She was not a fan. Maybe someday….

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